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I LOVE radio – a result of listening to old radio shows like The Lone Ranger, The Shadow, and Fibber McGee and Molly with my Dad, and also listening to Harry Caray broadcast Cubs games on WGN.

Now, I have my own show! Digging into Dining lets me delve into the culture and controversies of the kitchen, through my worlds of archaeology and restaurant ownership. Want to listen? Find us on SiriusXM Business Radio Channel 132!

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From the Archives!

Jill on KYW with Hadas Kuznits and *more* sparkling wine!

Jill on KYW with Hadas Kuznits: NYE 2012: champagne (mp3)

Jill on BenFM with Kathy Romano: Her Story episode 5

For much of the years from 2012-2016, the Wining Archaeologist could be heard weekly on Timeout with Phillip Silverstone, on TuneIn Radio.  Peruse the podcasts below for a fun chat about the history and flavors of new and unusual wines – many served at Jet Wine Bar or Rex 1516.



Interested in an earlier podcast? Browse the archives and let me know.