Restaurants in Crisis – how you can help!

I recently hosted a SiriusXM Business Radio special, “Restaurants in Crisis” featuring restaurant owners, chefs, writers, food couriers, and more. We discussed the problems facing the restaurant industry, but also heard a lot of different ways that customers could continue to support restaurants.

I talked about a program that I co-developed called Nourished. This is a subsidized ordering platform for hospital staff that ensures SAFE delivery of healthy food, while providing predictability to local, independent restaurants. The program can be supported through its charitable partner, Fuel the Fight. Fuel the Fight was discussed by our guest, Bill Conners, and has raised hundreds of thousands of dollars for meals for healthworkers.

Donations can be made here, and “nourished” can additionally be specified in the comments  

Guest Guy Fieri discussed his project, the Restaurant Employee Relief Fund. This fund has raised millions of dollars for one-time payments to beleaguered restaurant employees, including the undocumented. Donations can be made here.

Guest Marcus Samuelsson discussed turning his Red Rooster restaurants into community food centers to get meals to the food insecure. He is partnered with World Central Kitchen, to which donations can be made here.