Visiting Chateau Mukhrani

My very first introduction to Georgian wine was via the Finger Lakes; 6 or 7 years ago, I tasted Dr. K Frank’s 2008 Rkatsiteli and absolutely fell in love. As a result, I sought the grape from other producers. That led me to Chateau Mukhrani, whose Rkatsiteli became the first Georgian wine I ever tasted, and the first I put on Jet’s wine list.

Visiting the Chateau was an absolute pleasure. The winery was founded in the late 19th-century, and the main house and marani (wine cellar) are beautiful – though in various stages of renovation.

The highlight, of course, was tasting wines with the winemaker, Patrick Honnef. Patrick is as engaging as the wines, gamely persevering with our outdoor tasting as the rain fell ever heavier (our group was determined to stay outside!).

My first Rkatsiteli from Mukhrani was made in stainless steel. Here we tasted the grape in a variety of production styles: from classic, to traditional qvevri production, to a beautifully textured 2016 finished in acacia barrels.

Other highlights were the 2014 Goruli Mtsvane Reserve Royale, Tavkveri Rose expressive of wild strawberries and rose petals, and a very pretty Shavkapito with bright, herbal and black cherry notes.

Didi Madloba for a great visit!