Holiday Wine Chat with Jill and Phill!

It has been a while, folks, but Jill and Phill are back discussing the holidays, food, foibles, favorite songs, and wine! Jill talks about her biggest phobia… being-in-other-people’s-kitchens, and introduces the new, catch-fire phrase, “Feel the punt, Phill!” Also, I get one of my very favorite Christmas songs played!

In other news…Phill is awed and amazed by our two wines.

Juvé y Camps Gregal d’Espiells 2014 Penedes

This wine is all about the aromatics from an ambrosial blend of Gewurztraminer, Malvasia, and Muscat. The nose is spicy and floral with orange blossoms, white pepper, and all kinds of citrus fruits. I guarantee this is perfect for a party – especially with hors d’ouvres. Salted nuts, potato chips, and cured meats would all be great, but I recommend sipping this with shrimp cocktail, smoked shrimp, and herring for a real holiday treat.









La Battagliola Lambrusco Grassparossa di Castelvetro DOC

Lambrusco is enjoying a moment in the sun right now, and this elegant example deserves all the accolades. It has tons of flavor to go with its bright effervescence. The plum and cassis fruits are full and juicy, and there are hints of cherry, vanilla, and cocoa. There are true “grape” flavors, and a nice, bitter-root finish. Enjoy this with… everything! Ok ,we are excepting anything pickled, which just won’t do. But, have it as an aperitivo, with a turkey dinner, for dessert, anytime!