Brilliant Wine Chat: with Bob!

Jill and Phill are joined again this week by special guest Bob Trimble, the Wine Guy!

We have no Bordeaux for Bob to “natter on” about 😉 but instead have a gorgeous wine from Italy’s Piedmont:  Fratelli Povero Santa Lucrezia Cisterna d’Asti Superiore 2012.

Fratelli Povero is an estate of Cantine Povero, whose grapes are grown in the Roero region. The vineyards are located in Cisterna d’Asti – between the towns of Asti and Bra – and were first planted in 1948.  The grape is Croatina, which is also grown in Lombardy, Emila Romagna, and the Veneto. The wine has been aged 12 months in oak.

santa_lucrezia (204x486)Where to start? Well, we were waxing poetic about this deep, dark, inky-red, peppery, fruity wine. It has great richness and fullness in the mouth, with soft tannins (at this point Bob uses the international symbol for “tannin”, which seems to be a circling motion with both hands). There is a lot of “darkness” to the wine, with deep coffee, blueberry, and caramel notes, but the overall effect is very pretty.  It is an excellent wine, from an unsung grape and lesser-known wine region, that is eminently enjoyable.

  • Bob’s words of wisdom?  For a drinkable, easy-to-enjoy wine, look for a balanced wine in which no one flavor or component dominates. (hint: this Croatina fits the bill!)
  • Jill’s words of wisdom?  Drink this with mac n’ cheese!
  • Phill has no words of wisdom, but he hates the label. Jill loves the label… you be the judge


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