Brilliant Wine Chat: Jill & Phill & Clos de Gilroy

Sing in the rain and sip a little wine with Jill & Phill!

Today we taste a wine from the original “Rhone Ranger“, Randall Grahm. Randall’s Bonny Doon Vineyard has long been one of my favorites, and I poured his Clos de Gilroy at a tasting of “California’s Rt 101” a few weeks back. This qualifies as a Rt 101 wine because the Alta Loma vineyard from whence the Grenache stems is located right along the 101. The Clos de Gilroy 2014 is made from 89% Grenache, 9% Mourvèdre, and 2% Syrah – yes, all Rhone grapes.  Superb red-fruit notes of cherry and raspberry, plus some cedar, coffee, and black pepper, in a rich and complex wine.  In a word, it is glorious.  Two thumbs up!


The original “Rhone Ranger”

DoonGilroy (134x200)

The wine!