Fabulous Franciacorta

Franciacorta is my “go to” sparkling for special events.  Why?  It is made in the methode traditionelle (champenoise), it tastes brilliant when done well, and even the best bottles are less expensive than most champagne.  Certainly, the price relative to quality is one of the highest among sparkling wines.

I’ve had many Franciacorta, and the first was completely by accident – it was served at my good friend’s wedding in Liguria.  But, then I sought it out. Andrea’s wedding occurred while I was still working in Syria.  In those days I would travel to Aleppo from Milan, via Istanbul.  That would give me time to either visit  Andrea in Torino, or take a trip to the Lakes district in the midst of my Philly-Aleppo travel.  For Andrea’s wedding, I did both. My husband and I ventured to Lake Garda before I flew off to Aleppo and he returned to Philly. Since this was vacation, our first lunch consisted of seafood and a bottle of wine.  We chose Contadi Costaldi Franciacorta Brut – a great wine that cemented the tastiness of Franciacorta in my mind. Ever since, I’ve sought Franciacorta over Champagne whenever I have the option.


Franciacorta in Liguria

Franciacorta in Liguria

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Il Mosnel Franciacorta, NYE 2016










So, NYE 2016 was upon us, and I needed a sparkling wine!  The luxury department of the Pennsylvania state store at 12th and Chestnut had several options, but the Il Mosnel Franciacorta Brut captured my eye. I loved the simple label and the price ($32), and the importer (David Bowler) simply has superb selections. The Il Mosnel is all about “green”: green almonds, green apple and (green) kaffir lime.  Bubbles are incredibly persistent, even on the 2nd day. So, find it, buy it, sip it, and seek out more Franciacorta to try!