Wine Chat: Jill & Phill, and a Rosé for Winter

Ring in the New Year with Jill & Phill!  What do they chat about this week?  Well, you’ll have to #TuneIn to find out which Star Wars character each associates with (only 1 is a robot!), and whose force is from the Dark Side (or is it the Far Side, Gary Larsen?).  And, most importantly, we drink a new rosé!

Pink?  In winter? Yes, of course rosé can be drunk in winter. Why not?  Some wines are meant to be drunk in summer – regardless of color – and others have a heft and strength appropriate to the colder months.  Celler el Masroig Sola Fred Rosat is certainly of the latter persuasion!










Celler el Masroig is a co-op of about 300 families growing grapes and olives. They are located in Monsant, Spain, which borders Priorat and has the same, Mediterranean climate with maritime influences. Grenache grapes from 15-35 year old vines make up 90% of the wine, with the rest from Syrah.

The wine is mouth-filling and flavorful. It has some typical, candied-fruit notes from the grenache, and also sharper cranberry and pomegranate notes.  The wine has great structure and a slightly bitter finish.  This is perfect for root vegetables!

*Spain Wine Map is adapted from