Wine Chat: Jill & Phill & Bubbles

It is holiday time, which means it is bubbly time!  Of course you can drink sparkling wine all year long, but there is just extra special-ness in those bubbles after Thanksgiving.  Here, we chat about a traditional sparkler, new to Jet’s menu.

Graham-Beck-Brut-Rose-LabelOccasionally, I have need for a new wine for Jet’s list, but have no time to properly search and sample.  That is what happened in this case, when I had urgent need for a new sparkling rosé.  I searched the portfolios and came upon the Graham Beck Brut Rosé NV.  I have had Graham Beck wines before, and so was already aware of their quality.  I noticed a few, positive reviews, but what sealed the deal was this lovely review from Jancis Robinson – even though it dates from 2004!!! I do not like to rely on reviews, but when it becomes necessary I believe there are certain people and sites that are trustworthy;  Jancis Robinson certainly qualifies.  Of course, there is little real harm in ordering a wine untasted, as it does not have to be put on the menu. In this case, that point was moot because upon tasting this bubbler I was smitten.  So, too, was Phill.  I give this wine a “10”, thus Phill’s moniker “the Bo Derek wine-of-the-day!”

So what is so good about it?  First, it is nice to have a top-quality sparkling wine from South Africa, made in the traditional method.  The grapes for which  – also traditional, chard and pinot noir – are gown in the decidedly un-Burgundian regions of Robertson and Stellenbosch. The result is a lively, creamy, fruity, utterly enjoyable drink.  It has subtle mineral and spirited fruit, and an undercurrent of strawberries & cream.  The new sparkling wine for Wimbledon!  I’ll accept tickets for the suggestion, thank you.