Loving the Leitz: Jill & Phill (& Rich!)

This week our chat is (almost) all about the wine, as we tasted a great Riesling from Germany’s Rheingau.  Rheingau & Riesling roll right off the tongue together, but make sure this Leitz Out Riesling stays in your mouth because it is amazingly tasty. Johannes Leitz is the winemaker behind the Leitz brand and this bottling.  I heartily approve of the cheeky marketing; in addition to the “Leitz Out” (pronouced like “lights”), Leitz makes a dry Riesling called “Eins Zwei Dry”.  But it isn’t just the names that are well-crafted.  Johannes Leitz was named “German Winemaker of the Year” in 2011 (by Gault Millau), and he is still on top of his game!  The Leitz Out Feinherb 2013 is a pleasing-to-the-palate gem.  The classic citrus and slate notes of the Riesling are given a touch of peachy/melon sweetness that is perfectly balanced by its acid content. Riesling, itself, is food wine, and the feinherb is extremely versatile.








Don’t know “feinherb”?  Let us make your acquaintance.  Sugar levels vary in the genre, because – unlike other Reisling designations – it’s sugar content is unregulated. In practice, feinherb certainly has more sugar than “trocken”, and generally has a touch more sugar than “halb-trocken”, but less than “lieblich”. In other words, “feinherb” is for those who find strict regulation of sugar-content shackling to their wine sensibilities.  It’s a maverick!  It’s unconventional Riesling! It’s well worth seeking out.

Leitz Out, Leitz, Germany


*Label image source:  https://blog.hensley.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/07/blog-feat-leitz-out-riesling.jpg