Jill & Phill and Rich(!) chat beer

Jill & Phill welcome back Rich Pawlak to chat about beer.  First, of course, we must discuss current events; sadly these include the man fired for flatulence…!

But, onward!

First of all, I love Autumn.  I love its crisp temperatures, bright colors, and sunny skies. However, I do not like pumpkin.  I despise pumpkin.  My mother has always enabled this by making me a lemon meringue pie whenever she makes pumpkin pie.  I am eternally grateful.  I can eat some pumpkin, generally when it isn’t really a pumpkin but is a different type of squash.  But, if any pumpkin/squash/whatever has “pumpkin pie spices”, then forget it.  So, when fall rolls around and the pumpkin-flavored foods come out, I die little inside.  Apparently Phil does not like pumpkin either.  You may also remember that Phill does not like göse-style beer, though I really love it.  Today’s beers include one pumpkin beer and one göse-style beer.  Let the fun begin.

Fortunately, Rich was on hand to enjoy both beers!  Of course, we plied him with Esperanza’s nachos from the Jet Wine Bar kitchen, and I now know that Rich likes nachos almost as much as he likes pizza.

leterroir_l pumpkick_l








The beers:  New Belgium Pumpkick Ale and New Belgium Lips of Faith, Le Terroir.

Listen in for more, but I will tell you that 2 of us loved the Pumpkick – especially with nachos – with its cranberry, lemongrass, and pumpkin.  On the other hand, 2 of us couldn’t get enough of the dry-hopped, citrusy, sour, Le Terroir.

Try these beers from New Belgium Brewing, located in Fort Collins, CO.