Wine Chat: Blue Ink, Salmon Wine, Stunning Flavors

Jill’s & Phill’s Brilliant wine sketch strikes again.  I’m not certain how, but I got blue ink all over myself.  We chat about ink, smoked salmon, and salmon-colored wine.  We tasted two rosé wines dropped off by our friend Tom Deschere, of Deschere’s Selected Wine and Spirits, with the goal of adding one to the wine list at Jet Wine Bar.  Which one ends up on Jet’s list?  Listen in!  (and we’ll tell you: Vieux Clocher!)IMG_20150909_124134697

Wine #1: Les Embruns, Les Croix des Saintes, IGP Sable de Camargue

What do we have here?  A solid, salmon-colored rosé that is both pretty and muscular.  The flavors are clean and fresh, with strawberry notes that are a hint candied. The wine is certified organic, with grapes from eight different growers in the Sable de Camargue region around Aigues Mortes in Languedoc.  The area is known for its wine production, asparagus, and Camargue horse. Its important that wine is a significant product of the region, because potable water is not.  The term “Aigas Mortas” means “stagnant water” in Occitan (which we also discussed here), from which the modern name stems. Bottoms up!

Wine #2: Arnoux & Fils, Vieux Clocher, Côtes du Rhône Rosé

This is a pinker, rose-colored rosé.  It is well-structured with great acidity and minerality, and nice raspberry notes.  This is a rosé of the type that drinks a bit more like a red.   It turns out that my guess was right – in addition to grenache and carignan, this wine contains syrah, all from vineyards in the Vacqueyras.  One of Vacqueyras’ most notable inhabitants was the 12th century troubador, Raimbaut de Vacqueiras.  He wrote a lot about love and the crusades, which I find a bit boring…

But the wine is a winner!  It is now on the glass list at Jet 🙂