Jill & Phill: Croatian Pošip and Marco Polo

PosipWhat happens on this episode? Phillip’s geography gets tested (and he fails, miserably!). Syria, as usual, makes an appearance, and we just can’t leave the Belgians alone, no?

But we also tasted some wine- a very good wine, in fact. Pošip P.Z. Pošip Čara.  The P.Z. stands for uhhhh…  Regardless, this is Vrhunsko Vino – Premium Wine.  This is the 2010, and age has given this wine some amazing flavors.  It has the golden/orange color and the honeyed, waxy nose of an older white, but it retains a freshness of fruit and mineral that serves as sweet counterpoint to the fuller apricot and honeysuckle.  Move over, Charlize, Phillip fell head over heels in love.

This wine is from co-op growers of the Čara region on the island of Korčula, Croatia.  It is barely separated from the Pelješac peninsula, which specializes in red wine.

Who else came from Korčula? Marco Polo (maybe…)!  Marco Polo was born in the Venetian Republic – La Serenissima to those in the know.  At the time, Dalmatia (including Croatia) down to Dubrovnik (Ragusa) was part of that Venetian kingdom.  He is said, in some circles, to have been born on the island of Korčula.  He was also the captain of a ship (for La Serenissima) that was captured by bitter rivals from the other maritime power, the Republic of Genoa.  This occurred off the coast of Korčula. So, whether you like swashbuckling adventures on the High Seas or tame stories of birth, Korcula and Marco Polo have something for you.  They are brought together beautifully in the Pošip P.Z. Pošip Čara.  Find it if you can!