Jill & Phill with Rich & Beer!

You just never know what will happen when Jill & Phill get together.  This week’s chat features Rich Pawlak and beer. Rich is a consummate eater and drinker who loves all aspects of cuisine. JillPhillRichHe joined us to try a few beers from Rex 1516.  We tasted the fabulously-named “Here Gose Nothin'” from the Destihl brewery’s Wild Sour Series.  We’ve tasted Gose on the show before, and I seem to have a natural affinity for the sour, salty, puckery goodness of this Leipzig-style brew (maybe it’s the German genes???).  Destihl’s is true to those characteristics and wonderfully funky. Rich suggested we drink this with shellfish, but we didn’t have any.  That didn’t bother me, because I definitely think it drinks perfectly on its own – to the disagreement of Rich and Phill.  Our second beer, Saranac “Disruption” Nitro, was rich, full, and flavorful.  This is a brown ale that is infused with nitrogen for a creamier mousse and mouth-feel.  You can read more about why nitrogen might get added to beer here.  Now this is a beer that I wanted with food.  Once again, the blokes and I disagreed, sort of.  We did all agree that it would make an excellent beer float, however!

Listen in to hear more about these beers, as well as the problem with ordering fried flounder at a pizzeria!  Do you have any restaurant pet peeves?  Let us know!