Wine Chat: Jill, Phill, & Bodega del Desierto

Jill & Phill’s Brilliant Wine Chat is back – as it is every week!  On this week’s show, we travel to Argentina for Bodega del Desierto, Desierto 25 Chardonnay, La Pampa.  Frankly, Jill has a very difficult time getting a word in edgewise, what with Phill’s blathering and all.  Regardless, we sipped a great wine.  Tropical fruits are to be found in this Chard, along with some nice peach and honey notes.  The desert landscape of La Pampa helps focus the flavors in this concentrated, fruit-forward wine.  Predictably, Phill hates the label.  I, however, think it is both attractive and fitting the wine and its flavors.  What do you think?



Image of Bodega del Desierto*

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