Catawba and Tuna

Catawba and Tuna – it just sort of rolls off the tongue, no?

I had a hankering for a snack of tuna fillet in garlic and oil, and thought that this Catawba Rose from Indiana’s oldest operating winery, Oliver Winery, would pair nicely.  Catawba is a North American varietal, likely a hybrid of Vitis labrusca and another Vitis sp.


By itself, the wine has a lovely, brambly nose.  What the heck does that mean?  Well, to me that means it has very natural aromas of an overgrown,  flowering vine – maybe rose or a light hydrangea.  In the mouth there are oft flavors of some wild strawberries, thyme, and nice acid that balances the residual sugar in this semi-sweet wine.

The wine was changed by the tuna in oil.  The oil captures some of the sweetness (can I say the sweetness has been sequestered?) and promotes the mineral and hint of rose.  The garlic?  Well, that just makes me happy!  The wine easily withstands the strong flavor imparted by the garlic.

I have to thank my little sis for this wine. She is studying analytical chemistry and lives in Bloomington, IN.  She came to Philly for a conference and kindly brought me some wine local to Bloomington.  She brought me a few others which I’ve yet to try – but I’ll let you know when I do!