Window into Wine: Taxidermy-style!

Madame Fox

It is time once again for “Window into Wine”.

This time we feature the window at Kiki Hughes Boutique on 21st and Rittenhouse Square (street, not the Square, itself).  The window is dressed with a bejeweled  taxidermic-fantasy to make Simon Doonan proud.

This regal fox catches my eye  with its jewels and crown – yes, this stuffed fox sports a crown.  It also seems to be wearing an industrial necklace over a lace doily, numerous nose- and ear- chains, and I’ll be damned if that isn’t a knock-off of Queen Puabi’s headpiece!  We suspect this fox has been visiting the galleries at the Museum of Archaeology and Anthropology at Penn.  Puabi, of course, was famously buried with her jewelry and many dozens of her servants.  Sadly, the oxen buried near her chamber were not stuffed, though they did retain their nose rings!



Puabi's headdress









Where is the wine?  Such a fine fox should not be without a glass of wine, and I posit this one prefers bubbly.  In fact, I suggest our dear Madame (Mr.? Ms.?) Fox imbibes Zinck Cremant d’Alsace,  in vintage coupes.  Why not champagne?  Well, our fox is a bit avant garde on the cheap, and loves the fine bubbles of this elegant, methode champenoise,  Cremant.  It has flavors of lemon curd and apricot, a light acidity, and long finish.  Also, our fox has style in spades – as does the Zinck label.  Cheers!

Zinck Cremant d'Alsace