Window into Wine!

MeringueWindowI am always walking around Philadelphia, and I never fail to be surprised by something.  I was surprised by- and fell in love with- this window display.  The salon (Meringue) is not new to me; it is right around the corner from Jet and this is where I get my hair cut.  The owner, David, is a collector of antique toys and there are always interesting ones in the salon and, in this case, in the window!  Marionettes are my favorite, though, because they remind me of my father who actually put on some amateur performances a few years back.

What does this have to do with wine?  Well, I don’t know – everything is sort of related to wine in my mind and here I think of the type of wine of which this window reminds me.

I immediately think of something Old World, but not too traditional.  The Pinocchio makes me think Italian – but that isn’t quite right.  No, it is German.  But it isn’t a Riesling, it is a playful red.  It is Lemberger (or Blaufränkisch, if you prefer).  In fact, it is Schnaitmann Lemberger, a wine I have come to know and love.  It is well-crafted, with a great balance of acid, tannin, mineral, fruit, and spice.  The fruit is red berry with a few blues in their, too, and the spice is tobacco and pepper.  It is aromatic, with cherry, leather, and cow dung.  The latter might seem, well, off-putting, but it is a positive note of grass/wild herbs/wet straw.  It is available now, in PA stores, for 22.99 (on sale!).  It’s not exactly cheap, but neither are antique marionettes!

Schnaitmann Lemberger

Need a haircut?  Contact David at Meringue Salon, 14th and Lombard, Philly